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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Xmas Mini Stockings Twitter Giveaway

Xmas is fast approaching so I thought about making some cute little xmas hand knitted stockings to go on your tree.  These are great to give as gifts or to pop on your tree with sweets or that special little gift into.

I ran a giveaway on twitter for all my lovely faithful followers and I have randomly selected 6 people to win one of these each.  All they had to do was to retweet #peggysxmas

The lucky winners are as follows who will receive one of the mini xmas stockings in a random colour chosen by myself


If you could all please either email me on with your address or dm it to me on twitter please.  

Thank you to everyone that entered I will be having another giveaway before xmas on twitter.  If you would like to suggest a blog post or a giveaway please leave me a comment.  Thank you

Sunday, 4 November 2012

PurpleBiz Winner

Since I have blogged last I have had the honour of gaining another award, which is placed proudly on my w website 

On the 22nd September 2012 I was nomintated as a PurpleBiz winner by the PurpleDogNet on twitter.  This raises the profile of small businesses and they have a great website you can check out too.  Why not follow them on twitter @purpledognet

If you would like to find out more about PurpleDogNet please take a look here

My badge you can see above was courtesy of L F Designs who can be found here 
they have some great items for sale which would be fabulous for xmas!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Scorching weather!

Hi everyone we have been having the most glorious summer weather! I have included a lot more items on my website in the sale section.

My spring/summer 2012 collection is great for this weather we have been having. The beach cover up has been a favourite of lots of people and the cotton vest tops for men and women.

I am in the process of designing and making the autumn/winter 2012 collection. This concept is a little bizarre when it's boiling hot weather and I'm making chunky warm cosy knits!

My next collection is all about the accessories! Can't wait to show you all. As always if there are any requests for items to be included please feel free to leave a comment or contact me through my website

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guest Post by Georgina

Hope you all enjoy the next guest blog post that is by Georgina and it covers the idea of customisation.

Customisation of Shorts 

I am going to write about customised denim shorts. They seem all the rage this summer, first being dyes all sorts of colours and patterns and then being studded, ive seen pyramid studds, cone shaped ones and square ones, the list is endless really.

Although i havent got myself a pair yet, i just find them far to expensive to buy and im too busy to make a pair, which i think would probably cost alot too! i do think they look amazing on tho and also every pair come out different so you will never see two of the same, this is great because it means that whoever is wearing them has picked that pair specially from the others, this gives them a lot more personality i find! very individual.

You can find Georgina's blog here here so please take a look and show your support to her too.

If you would like to guest blog for Peggy's Collection please comment or send me an email many thanks 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Guest Post Heidi Jackson

Hi everyone I hope you all enjoy reading a very special guest post by my very talented niece Heidi Jackson.  Heidi has also modelled for Peggy's Collection in my last two collections, hope you enjoy the post she has wrote and please comment

An introduction into my life, aspirations and thoughts:

Hello everyone! I’m rather excited to be writing a guest blog for Peggys Collection as I’ve never been asked to do anything like this before. I’ve recently started a new blog which includes beauty, fashion and just general life posts. I wasn’t exactly sure what I should write about for this as I usually write about a variety of different subjects over on my own blog. After a few hours full of thinking and planning I thought of this. Writing a little introduction into my life and the things I love, meaning that all of the people that don’t know anything about me as a person will then be informed and know what I’m all about.
Obviously I won’t bore you with every single fact about myself from the minute I was born up until now, that would be one long blog post for sure… I’m a 16 year old girl who has just finished her GCSE’s. I plan to go to my local Sixth Form and study three particular subjects until I’m 18. I feel passionate about writing which is the reason I started writing a blog online, it all started out on Tumblr, my old blog that still exists! It’s just Blogspot would allow me to branch out into the world a bit more which is what I wanted.


One thing that annoys me about being part of a ‘blogging’ community is the fact that so many people now write blogs that many smaller individuals like myself don’t get recognised in the huge crowds of beauty posts and so on.

Another thing would have to be that many young girls of my age constantly post and also talk about high end beauty products. This isn’t always a negative; it’s just that I like to get recommendations from more popular gurus, but with products that have such a steep price tag that doesn’t always happen. Unless it’s a wonder product or claims to do something supernatural I don’t think you need to have an entire collection full of expensive make-up brands. There are without a doubt plenty of drugstore products that are brilliant value. Of course, a few are acceptable if they consist of a beautiful exterior or sparkle.


You may or may not know that I would give my right arm to be a journalist of some sort when I’m older. Ok, so not literally and anything but my right arm or writing would be out of the picture. (Common right handed human over here) The only fear I have of joining that kind of career is how journalists are perceived, I understand why a select few are liked by the public! Such as, the fact that some women write horrible things about other women in the spotlight when we should all be supportive and strong as a gender and also how they can sometimes send out the wrong message to readers of the magazine or newspaper. If this is my dream I don’t want to just chuck it away because of the people who were stupid enough to use their power stupidly, I would be honest and not a writer that the public dread hearing about.


That’s just my thoughts and examples on only a very small section of what we hear about but I’ll move on to more positive things now! That really is a big aim of mine and I’d be thrilled to achieve it one day. I also would love to carry on my love for performing, mainly as a group in as I currently do with a local youth theatre company. The feeling that buzzes around the audience, performers and backstage people is absolutely amazing and I had never experienced anything remotely similar to that before I joined the company. Knowing you have entertained somebody possibly put a smile on their face and brightened up their dull day is an unbelievably rewarding feeling that you can’t beat.

Heidi Featuring in Fat Sams

I realise that this post sounds a little like I’m trying to get your approval for me to be President of the United States but that isn’t the case, unfortunately. In fact I’m not very political at all so it would all seem like a load of gobblydegook to me! Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you could follow my blog and thank you very much for taking the time to read this blog! Hope you enjoyed it J


Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hi all just a quick blog post to let you all know what I have been doing.  I have been unwell for a few weeks but feeling better now but had to take it easy for a while.  There are lots of boutiques interested in stocking Peggys Collection which is great news.  I will keep you all informed of how that goes.

I have also started another etsy store for hand dyed yarns.  I have had great success and would love it if you could join my blog there too which will be about the yarns and about my love of knitting.

Also if you could add me to twitter for that account too would be great @peggysyarns to keep updated with what I get up to in the world of hand dyeing yarns and fibres.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spring Summer Collection 2012

The spring summer collection 2012 was held at Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk. This is one of my local beaches which I have visited since a child and I knew this was the perfect setting for my shoot.  Here are some of the photographs taken by David Taylor

Also thank you to the hair stylist and MUA Emily Ross who did such a fantastic job and also to all the models who all looked fabulous.

Also a big thank you to the Harbour Office in Wells Next The Sea for all their help and letting us use their office and the harbour and the boats it was such a help and made the photo shoot go smoothly.

Model Abby Whiting

Model Heidi Jackson
 Heidi had great fun twirling around in the the flower skirt and said it made her feel like a princess

Model Joe Embrey

Kevin d'Odemont

Model Lydia Bareham

finally a group shot of all my fabulous models

If you have any enquiries about any of the designs please contact me on or through my website

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Norwich Fashion Week 2012

I was so grateful to be part of Norwich Fashion Week this year.  It was a great experience and my first catwalk show, which there were two of within one day 2pm and 7pm.  I cannot describe the emotions I felt as I saw Peggy's Collection logo above the catwalk as my models walked down the catwalk wearing my designs.  I dedicated these shows to my late grandmother Peggy who the business is named after.

Here are some of the photographs from behind the scenes as we were there for quite a while during rehearsals.

My photographer David Taylor of dctaylorphotography took these photographs of my designs as they came down the catwalk.

One of the students there at Norwich Fashion Week was called Jordan Harris and he captured these shots of my designs Jordan Harris photography website

Here is a video of Norwich Fashion Week.  My designs feature at 17.51minutes into the video.

my next blog post will contain photographs from my spring summer collection which was shot at the beautiful beach town of wells next the sea in norfolk on the harbour

Monday, 5 March 2012

Norwich fashion week

I am very honoured to be included in my local cities fashion week that is Norwich fashion week. With only one week to go its been all systems go to finish off my designs for the big event. I am showing my spring/summer collection on 13th march at 2pm and 7pm.

I had a lovely interview with Emma from the local paper and I loved my feature.

I will have lots of pictures from the day very soon to show you all. It will be a very proud moment to see my designs coming down the catwalk.

I have these fabulous flyers for the show too which I absolutely adore from deeper insight

Here you will see the fabulous people I have working with me to make this collection even more special and unique

Monday, 6 February 2012

May I Present, The Past and Present! guest blog post by Evie May

May I Present; The Past and Present!

Recently the fashion industry seems to have been very eclectic and spontaneous when it comes to both trends and trend setting. They’ve been picking their ‘muses’ from a vast range of people from Beth Ditto to Agyness Deyn and in the same way the trends being sported on our catwalks seem to be as opposite as those two beautiful women!

Recently I’ve noticed that the past seems to have come back into vogue when it comes to clothing. ‘Vintage’ seems to be the new buzz word on the fashion scene and everyone seems to have been flocking to their nearest charity shop or vintage boutique in order to grab a beauty from times gone by to add to their wardrobe.

I’m a big fan of vintage clothing and think that eras such as the 40’s and 50’s truly did produce some of the best clothing in fashion history but what I find really interesting is when people take aspects of today’s fashion and mix it with the past.

Some of the fashion today can lack the glamour and majesty of the past eras however we must not discredit modern fashion all together! People like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood really have pioneered modern fashion, and in my opinion their couture pieces are like works of art.

However having said that we all have a day where we just want to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but what happens when you inject a bit of the past into a look from the present? I often find that by teaming a pair of 50’s heels and a 50’s headband with an ensemble such as a jeans and t-shirt, you not only look great but you feel good too!

Fashion is about leaving your mark, declaring to the world ‘this is who I am’ so by mixing up eras you are not only paying homage to that fashion, but you are taking the best bits of them and making them your own! I like to stand out when it comes to my clothing and I find this is the perfect way to do it! Celebrities such as Florence Welch and Paloma Faith are prime examples of how mixing up fashion can create a really strong and effective look. Florence for example usually channels a lot of 70’s clothing but mixes it with a modern day twist.

Florence always turns head with her clothing and her look has even made her the muse of designers such as Karl Lagerfeld! She looks amazing whether she is in a lavish Chanel gown or simply sporting a minimal look like a top and skirt. The key to Florence’s look often lies with her choice of accessories and I think she knows that whether it is a 70’s hat or a 50’s coat, a tribute to the past can really enhance a modern outfit. Paloma however does the opposite and often looks like she has tumbled out of the wrong era but uses modern accessories to develop her look. She wears a lot of clothing from the 40’s and 50’s but will match it with something such as a Westwood piece or a Piers Atkinson hat to add her own quirky twist! I’d say I’m more like Paloma when it comes to mixing up eras, but unfortunately I don’t have such a vast collection of beautiful vintage clothing quite yet. A girl can dream though right?

It can often seem like a chore to try and search out the perfect vintage piece, however recently the high street seem to have been investing in producing a lot more vintage style designs and who’s to know whether your fabulous new dress is from an obscure vintage boutique or from somewhere like Urban Outfitters, I won’t tell if you don’t...

Another misconception about injecting a bit of vintage into your wardrobe is that it has to cost the Earth but if you try places like charity shops, eBay or Asos Marketplace I guarantee you’ll find some vintage beauties without pay over the odds, and in a lot of cases it can even work out cheaper than buying something from somewhere like Topshop or River Island, and you’ll know that other people won’t be wearing the same thing as you! Overall I think eclectic dressing is the key to any good wardrobe because if you limit yourself to just one ‘look’ not only will it be hard to obtain and keep up with that way of dressing, but it won’t really be very interesting for you either! I think by mixing styles, era, colours and much more in fashion you can create a really unique look and just have fun with it! Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously and sometimes it is better to be silly with your clothing rather than just sticking to the ‘trends.’

You can find Evie May's blog here