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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guest Post by Georgina

Hope you all enjoy the next guest blog post that is by Georgina and it covers the idea of customisation.

Customisation of Shorts 

I am going to write about customised denim shorts. They seem all the rage this summer, first being dyes all sorts of colours and patterns and then being studded, ive seen pyramid studds, cone shaped ones and square ones, the list is endless really.

Although i havent got myself a pair yet, i just find them far to expensive to buy and im too busy to make a pair, which i think would probably cost alot too! i do think they look amazing on tho and also every pair come out different so you will never see two of the same, this is great because it means that whoever is wearing them has picked that pair specially from the others, this gives them a lot more personality i find! very individual.

You can find Georgina's blog here here so please take a look and show your support to her too.

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