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Monday, 9 July 2012

Guest Post Heidi Jackson

Hi everyone I hope you all enjoy reading a very special guest post by my very talented niece Heidi Jackson.  Heidi has also modelled for Peggy's Collection in my last two collections, hope you enjoy the post she has wrote and please comment

An introduction into my life, aspirations and thoughts:

Hello everyone! I’m rather excited to be writing a guest blog for Peggys Collection as I’ve never been asked to do anything like this before. I’ve recently started a new blog which includes beauty, fashion and just general life posts. I wasn’t exactly sure what I should write about for this as I usually write about a variety of different subjects over on my own blog. After a few hours full of thinking and planning I thought of this. Writing a little introduction into my life and the things I love, meaning that all of the people that don’t know anything about me as a person will then be informed and know what I’m all about.
Obviously I won’t bore you with every single fact about myself from the minute I was born up until now, that would be one long blog post for sure… I’m a 16 year old girl who has just finished her GCSE’s. I plan to go to my local Sixth Form and study three particular subjects until I’m 18. I feel passionate about writing which is the reason I started writing a blog online, it all started out on Tumblr, my old blog that still exists! It’s just Blogspot would allow me to branch out into the world a bit more which is what I wanted.


One thing that annoys me about being part of a ‘blogging’ community is the fact that so many people now write blogs that many smaller individuals like myself don’t get recognised in the huge crowds of beauty posts and so on.

Another thing would have to be that many young girls of my age constantly post and also talk about high end beauty products. This isn’t always a negative; it’s just that I like to get recommendations from more popular gurus, but with products that have such a steep price tag that doesn’t always happen. Unless it’s a wonder product or claims to do something supernatural I don’t think you need to have an entire collection full of expensive make-up brands. There are without a doubt plenty of drugstore products that are brilliant value. Of course, a few are acceptable if they consist of a beautiful exterior or sparkle.


You may or may not know that I would give my right arm to be a journalist of some sort when I’m older. Ok, so not literally and anything but my right arm or writing would be out of the picture. (Common right handed human over here) The only fear I have of joining that kind of career is how journalists are perceived, I understand why a select few are liked by the public! Such as, the fact that some women write horrible things about other women in the spotlight when we should all be supportive and strong as a gender and also how they can sometimes send out the wrong message to readers of the magazine or newspaper. If this is my dream I don’t want to just chuck it away because of the people who were stupid enough to use their power stupidly, I would be honest and not a writer that the public dread hearing about.


That’s just my thoughts and examples on only a very small section of what we hear about but I’ll move on to more positive things now! That really is a big aim of mine and I’d be thrilled to achieve it one day. I also would love to carry on my love for performing, mainly as a group in as I currently do with a local youth theatre company. The feeling that buzzes around the audience, performers and backstage people is absolutely amazing and I had never experienced anything remotely similar to that before I joined the company. Knowing you have entertained somebody possibly put a smile on their face and brightened up their dull day is an unbelievably rewarding feeling that you can’t beat.

Heidi Featuring in Fat Sams

I realise that this post sounds a little like I’m trying to get your approval for me to be President of the United States but that isn’t the case, unfortunately. In fact I’m not very political at all so it would all seem like a load of gobblydegook to me! Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you could follow my blog and thank you very much for taking the time to read this blog! Hope you enjoyed it J


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