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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Crafty Valentines Gifts for You and Him

Hello lovelies!

It’s very strange to be blogging for another blog!  I thought I’d go all out, and since
valentines is coming up soon, have a bit of a romantic DIY extravaganza. 

I don’t know about you, but around this time of year I panic
a little – it’s alright for the guys, they have chocolate and roses to fall
back on, but what do we buy them?? 
Are we even supposed to buy them something?  Even if I’m not supposed to, will I feel bad when he has
given me a present and I have nothing to return?

As ever, the answer is of course to get crafty.  If it’s not much, at least its handmade
and comes from the heart, right?

Also, we need to treat ourselves at this time of year!  Bath, candles, new dress anyone?  So here are a few little crafty ideas
with a valentines theme which caught my eye,  some valentines gifts
for you and him.

You can find my blog here at OwlPrintPanda, and my etsy shop too!

The Card:

Crayon card - how cute are these?!  They are definitely on my 'to make' list for this year, though I'll need to wait until the other half is out the house to go melting all the crayons!

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

The Wrapping:

Foxy gift bag - who needs valentines wrapping paper when you can have a foxy gift bag?!  In fact, who needs wrapping paper ever again?

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

Paper Roses - it's the little touches which often finish off a gift, so if you are gift wrapping, why not top it off with some string and paper roses?  What the heck, why not top off the fox gift bag with them too.  They're quick and easy, and look more difficult than they are.

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

The Gift:

You light up my life - This has to be one of my favourite crafty finds and I've been waiting for ages to use it!  Paperweight or shelf ornament, this little cutie makes me smile :)  So will hopefully make him grin too!

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

Valentines Scratch
 - oh the possibilities for what you could hide behind these little silver windows!!!  I shall leave that up to you...

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

For You:

Valentines Heart Puff
 - quick and easy to make, I have one of these garlands on my fireplace and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (awww).   You can also make them into keyrings!  If you don't knit yourself, you can find the garland and keyring in my etsy store too :)

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

The Food:

Sweetie Pie Pops - I've never laid eyes on anything like this before!  Definitely on the to-do list for next month! 

Valentines Crafts from Amanda

Just since I'm the new Kid here, let me introduce myself - I'm Amanda.  Though having only blogged for a little while, I've found such a great community surrounding it!  I mainly knit crafty goodies, selling them on Ravelry and etsy along with the patterns (some of which can be found for free on my blog).  

I love to wander new places and discover new things, there's nothing better than accidentally stumbling across a car boot sale.  I love to drink coffee and I'm sure the local cafes have likely had more than enough of me sitting in their window for hours knitting and watching the world go by!

I adore old teacups, and like to keep buttons in them...

Amanda :) x

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