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Monday, 30 January 2012

Guest Post from Allysha Johnson

Hi Readers I'm Allysha Johnson, a 15 year old blogger for 'It's A Style Fix' I'm delighted to be guest blogging for the Peggy Collection as its my first time! You can follow my Blog at:

And well do you like Vintage Dresses? Well I'm here to talk about a shop that might be the right place for you vintage lovers out there.... Vivien of Holloway!

Vivien of Holloway sells inspired 1940's and 50's reproduction clothing from Sexy Bombshell Strap Dresses, Halterneck Pencil Dresses to 1940's Sarongs which are great for Glamorous Events, Parties or even for Day!

What I adore about this Vintage Shop is they produce beautiful dresses which separate the look and the charm of authentic vintage by adding a colourful and fun twist, but in a range of sizes, the dresses fit and flatter the modern figure which makes the figure suited for a modern lifestyle.

The fun bit is that one day you could feel like a 1950's showgirl, whereas the next day you could be a femme fatale all to the just of wearing these dresses...they are made to feel like you!

I LOVE the fact that the Vivien of Holloway are made and produced in the UK and what makes it more great is that they are well known to people across the globe, even celebrities! As well as producing good dresses, they also provide good customer service with does bring a smile to your face :)

Nevertheless the fabulous frocks, the shop also provides a wide range of hair-flowers, jewellery, shoes, handbags and more, to help you complete your real vintage look.

I would say this show is a MUST to go to when it comes to Vintage Clothing. I would recommend this to anyone that is a Vintage Stylist or anyone that is a Vintage Lover if that's YOU!!!

Where to find them? You can find them at Holloway road in London or for online shopping, go on their website at:

U can also go visit their blog at:

Enjoy shopping!

Allysha xxx

It's A Style Fix

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