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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Vintage Lover's Dream

A vintage lovers dream

Since my last blog I have been to every vintage lovers dream! At out local museum Gressenhall rural life museum they opened a 1940′s land girl room. It had so many informative features and the displays were fabulous, I have included a few pictures for you all to see with authentic clothing on show too.

Authentic clothing

Tools they used hanging from the ceiling

Gorgeous picture that shows even the land girls were still very glamourous

There is also a great 1950′s house set up there too with authetic items you can look at which is very inspiring to someone like me
Part of the kitchen where they dined

1940′s era

Vintage styling has been a favourite look of mine for a long time so of course all my
designs have that vintage inspired theme to them. The 1940’s and 1950’s are especially favourite eras of mine.
‘Make do and mend’ was the slogan the government tried to encourage in the 1940’s era. Older clothes were transformed into more modern styles. While the men were away in the forces even their husband’s suits were revamped into ladies wear.

Knitting was also encouraged and if you were able to get the wool or unpick an old jumper the designs were endless. Also heavy blankets were made into fashionable overcoats.
Knitting patterns were available these could be for socks, slippers, jumpers for all
ages and the wife could also knit something for the loved one in the forces.
Sewing patterns at that time had to conform to stringent guidelines as shop purchased
clothes too such as limits on hems, turn-ups and pleats.
British women, and American took fabulous pride in their appearance though. This was improvised with make-up and accessories. The accessories were
gloves, hats and of course their gas masks had to be used too. Hats were adapted with feathers or flowers although the gas masks had to be disguised so they used cardboard boxes to put these in and some made into handbags. It was almost unpatriotic not to look ones best!

There is soon going to be a 1940’s event celebrating the land girls at my local museum
that I intend on going to which will be great to see the different styles and
how they lived. I will take lots of pictures and blog about this too as I am sure it will be of interest to lots of people.

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  1. Am I the first one to post a comment? I love the way you tell that story, i lov the pictures. Where is this place? Long life to your blog!!!

  2. thank you for leaving a comment, it is a museum in Norfolk which is very local to me and I go there alot its great

  3. Funnily enough as a child I used to unpick old jumpers for wool to knit clothes for my dolls! I love going to museums like this one - very inspirational :) xx

  4. Love the Land girls film !! adore the 1930/40/50/60/70/80 love it all ! great blog and posts darling

    Love Shellybobbins xxxx